Every day we embark on a new journey. P&L Cosmetics born out of this thought. It is the idea that we all keep moving and evolving, emphasizing on the pure beauty of the very moment. It represents the original concept behind our cosmetic approach, delivering conceptual products for evolving and ever changing environments. P&L is your personal luxury companion while you travel through life. We research and develop our products ourselves gathering experience from 10 years of professional skincare background. We produce our recipes by hand, and we test our formulas in countless environments, not just a cosmetic lab. We take them to the Sahara and use them on Alpine glaciers, we apply them in our daily professional environments and we truly believe in the feedback of our customers. That‘s why we carefully listen to you, as we listened to everyone along the process of creating our products, discovering new aspects and beautiful details every day. We truly believe the only thing we should never stop doing is moving along, changing, evolving.

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